Saturday, February 19, 2011

Joy to Love~ Wedding Dress Fitting

Joy to Love day 19 just wasn't making me say wow today SO
I changed it up to capture a memory we will always remember~
the day Savannah had her wedding dress fitted.

It took my breath away to see our beautiful girls
so excited to be sharing this day with Savannah!

And I ADORE the official door holder Father of the Bride!!!

Our beautiful original princesses!!!
Aren't they glowing JOY???

Our two precious China princesses
who couldn't take their eyes off their big sisters!!!

It was also SO wonderful to enjoy a yummy lunch together!

Savannah just sent me a text and asked if I could believe
the wedding is only 10 weeks away...
that is crazy exciting!!!


  1. 10 weeks!?!? wow!!!!!!!!!!

    great shots of a gorgeous fam!!!!

  2. What a gorgeous, happy, amazing family you have! 10 weeks away? Gulp! Coming up so soon!

  3. 10 weeks!? Wow! I can't wait to see all the photographs of the girls in the dresses on the big day! Btw, any suggestions of where to look for a dress for Ave's 8th grade formal? I know you have dress hunting experience! Thank you!

  4. What a monumental day! so special to have dad there as well. I bet it took everything in you not to post pics of her in that dress :) Praying for you this weekend that God would give you discerment.

  5. What a beautiful bride Savannah will be!
    Nice picture of Scott holding the door! He looks good in that color green.

  6. Wow 10 weeks! I can't even imagine,how fast it will all fly by for you all! I love your pictures (like always) How are you liking the new camera? I am hoping that I may get one for my birthday....if my hubby gets the hint! lol! Love to hear your insight.


  7. Seriously, you have the cutest family ever! I would love having a house full of girls!

    You are going to have soooo much fun the next 10 weeks and I can't wait to see more!

  8. Wow, I love the fact that Dad came along! What a sweetheart.

    enjoy, the next 10-weeks!


  9. How exciting!!!!! Love all the pictures. What a special time together!

  10. Sharon - beautiful picture of you with your daughters! Enjoy the countdown to the wedding, so much to look forward to!

  11. What an exciting time in your lives! I love the photo of your 3 glowing originals! I love all the photos! the bridesmaids dresses look beautiful!

    Wow, only 10 weeks! Time is flying by!

    xo ellie

  12. Can't wait to see all your beautiful girls in their dresses! Can't wait to wear a normal dress myself and be carrying a sweet little baby girl in her dress. Haha!