Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joy of Love~ 05 Love to Hate

Joy to Love 05 assignment
challenged us to shoot something
that sure wasn't hard to decide on in a house full of girls...
especially when they look
like this on a daily basis.:)

Did you guess?
It has something to do with these two beautiful machines!!!

YES~ Laundry!
and more~
and more~
and more!

Luckily all the bigs do their own
and the two littles LOVE putting their's away!
All in all it's a love/hate chore~
love that they have clothes to wear...
hate that the laundry is always there to do...
love the machines that do the work...
and super LOVE the 5 girls
that wear it all over again!!!


  1. I can just imagine...know how it is with 2 children. And how great that the bigs do their own, and the littles put their's away. hmmm...
    note to self, must teach mine to do that too!
    Great post!

    Gail :)

  2. Sharon, we have something else in's my most difficult chore. My "bigs" (boys of course) don't do their laundry. I need to stop spoiling.

    Good for EK and SJ for being such good helpers.

    God Bless--