Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Eyes~ Joy to Love

As you can well imagine,
I couldn't choose just one pair of eyes
so decided to capture them all~
in manual!!!
I took a fabulous photography class Thurs night
with my sweet friend Amanda @
If you have been thinking of taking a class,
she's your girl...
very talented and affordable!!!
Now back to the eyes...

We have mama and baba eyes~

Nana eyes~

Mimi Eyes~

Gigi Eyes~
(YES~ they all have grandma nicknames.:)

EK Eyes~

SJ Eyes~

Big Josh Eyes~

Silly Eyes~

and Chinese Eyes~

The eyes are the mirror of the soul.
~ Yiddish Proverb


  1. EK's baby pictures remind me a great deal of my Lexi! I copied the one of her sleeping in her grandmas arms and put it on my desktop to see what the family would say. Sure enough every one of them said, " who's holding Lexi?" Not identical just a lot of similarities. What do you thin? Am I crazy?

  2. meant to say think not thin haha

  3. Beautiful! What wonderful shots!

  4. First off....Yay for shooting in manual. You did an awesome job! I was going to do the same thing yesterday for my post, but ran out of time. I love the way you captured the sparkle in everyone's eyes. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!


  5. Another cute post! My husband has big Hershey's Kiss eyes!

  6. Fabulous post and pictures!!! Love them!

    Now I need to get my eye ones here today too.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Sharon!


  7. From a photography standpoint, I love Mimi and SJ the best. It's amazing how you captured the striations/variegations in Mimi's eyes and SJ's eyes look like dark liquid-they pull you into the screen. All are beautiful, of course.


  8. Chinese eyes are my favorite of course!!

  9. Beautiful, Bright Eyes! Very artistic, Sharon! I love this post.

    God Bless-