Tuesday, January 4, 2011

School is Back in Session...

We normally don't home school on Mondays
but yesterday the girls chose a few things on their own to do.
Today was our official first day back.
For the month of January,
we are planning to focus on Winter and Bears.
I mixed a few ideas from these websites with things I used when I taught.
The girls LOVED it~ lasting for about 3 hours this morning. :)
I try to have things planned for both girls
but have found SJ wants to what EK does...
just look at her little hand coloring the yellow duck~ SO sweet!!!
Plus Tuesday is usually Laundry Day
and after I wash/fold~
these two LOVE to get their basket of clothes and put away. :)
what happens when a younger sister spends the night with a friend
while the older sister has a pretty big group of her friends
over for a movie, brownies, and Just Dance???
Poor Rosie~
she has a big job ahead of her when she gets home from CL practice.
I think school needs to be back in session for some BIG kids too. :)


  1. This is so funny. I was thinking that Jing had one of the most natural smiles I had seen on her in the picture of the two of them at the table-and then in the last photo it looks like she is even trying to smile like EK does!


  2. Funny about the Bigs! I love your homeschool poasts! Audrey asked me yesterday, "Why can't we homeschool?" :( I would so love to!

  3. Such cute ideas!! I love activities that go along with picture books. :>)

  4. I love your homeschool posts too - I hope we can 'give it a go' next year . . . you might have to keep inspiring me :)