Thursday, January 13, 2011

Out of Here

Now on day 4 of our snow vacation~
the littles are perfectly fine being here at home
with nowhere to be...
the bigs~
well that's a different story.

They needed to get out today
so I sent them on a few errands...
They headed up the driveway in Amelia's car,
made it about halfway up and started sliding.
I was watching out the window
and my heart was pounding out of my chest.
They backed back down the drive and tried it again...
Nope... back down...
they thought they might try shoveling the ICE.
That was a lost cause because our drive is SO long~
but on the third try with wheels spinning
and back end fish tailing...
they made it to the top
and were Out of Here.

There is no way I would say I am tired of our days
stranded at home~
it has been precious time with these three beautiful
Originals as they call themselves.
I have not taken one minute for granted...
I have embraced it and am SO grateful for the time!!!
They are out until Tuesday
(although S is headed back for rush this weekend)
and know they will be glad to be back in their routine
but until then...
I am so blessed to be home
enjoying every moment!!!


  1. Their "originals" dub is too cute! Glad everyone is safe. We're slippin' and slidin' all over our roads too! :/

  2. Totally embracing here too. I am amazed at how many people act as they are miserable. Have we lost the art of stillness?

  3. You might try putting the car in a low gear and taking it slow. (Even automatic cars have gears other than drive like "2.") Another idea is to load down the trunk or use kitty litter on the driveway.

  4. I am NOT ready for the day one of my kids will drive out of my driveway - I think my heart might come out of my chest. The ice here has been pretty bad too - yesterday afternoon was the first day we have left our house and that was only because my husband was home to drive us. I am not driving in that mess - I know what would happen to me.

    Love that you are able to spend this time with them - I know the older ones are going stir crazy as are mine but they are precious priceless moments.