Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Does Pearl Harbor Day Mean to You?

On Pearl Harbor Day
our family remembers a very precious man
Curtis Benjamin Ankerich~
Mr. Ankerich was Scott's dad and PaPa to the girls.
He was in the army in 1941 at Pearl Harbor
when it was bombed.
Scott remembers him describing how he and his buddies
who were stationed at Schofield Barracks
were on their way to breakfast that Sunday morning~
they saw planes flying over thinking it was a practice
when all of a sudden
bullets sprayed down the side of the building
of where they were headed to breakfast.
We all loved hearing him tell those stories
although he really didn't like to talk about it much.
50 years later
he, Mrs. Ankerich, and family
traveled to Hawaii for the 50 year reunion
of the Pearl Harbor Survivors.
He was actually interviewed by 11alive before he left.

There are SO many things we all loved about him...
these are just a few!!!
He was one of the sweetest, kindest,
most gentle, patient, and hard working
men we have ever known...

He loved Mrs. Ankerich with all his heart!

He adored his children and family!

He loved a party and having fun!

He loved the beach and up and bought a condo there one year
that we still enjoy even today as a family!

He was honored as the Grand Marshall one year
in our town Christmas parade!

And on a personal note...
I love him because he gave me a husband just like him...
even though Mr. Ankerich is not here anymore,
he lives on in Scott~
I see him everyday in Scott...
same face,
same personality,
same kind, gentle, loving demeanor,
same love for nature,
same care for family and church,
same hard worker!!!

We miss Mr. Ankerich so much
but know for sure he is in heaven enjoying life there.
We salute all military who served @ Pearl Harbor
and the ones serving right now all over the world.
God bless you all!!!


  1. Scott looks so much like his dad! Wow! That was a very sweet post. ;o)

  2. This made me teary. And it made me miss my Papaw who was a tail gunner in WWII. How I miss him so!

  3. Wow! A true American hero for your father in law!! I'm sorry he's not here with you anymore, but obviously he was much loved and respected. I love the photos you're posting of Christmases past, it's fun to see your growing and changing family. Merry Christmas!