Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunsets and Crowns

Last evening as I was plugging up my Christmas trees,
I was speechless
when I saw this gorgeous sunset.
No way to capture it in a photo
but I tried...

Today was the first day for EK's dental work...
she has 6 cavities~
4 done today and 2 next Monday.
She had to have one crown and 3 fillings.
We were very anxious of how she would do
but shouldn't have worried...
Dr. Lugas said she was the sweetest little girl~
so trusting and compliant.
We came home right away
so she could rest until the numbness was gone.
Finally around 4,
she began feeling like herself again~
then she said,
"Mom, I am SO happy to have a crown
like you and Olivia (Lynn's little girl)!"
So thankful she is proud and confident of her new tooth!!! :)
Deserving a little treat for doing so well today,
Amelia ran her to choose something...
I should have guessed~ another stuffed dog,
We are waiting to find out when SJ's work
will be done.
BIG thank you to Dr. Lugas and his wonderful staff!!!


  1. Just love their outfits! Makes me wish I had a little girl to dress. Well, I do have a little girl, but she won't let me dress her anymore and only wants to wear "boy" clothes!

  2. EK is such a brave little girl. That's a lot of dental work in one day!
    Another stuffed dog and last week a stuffed pig... you'll have to move out soon!
    I love the picture of Jing snuggling up to Amelia. So sweet.

  3. Glad that the dental work came off without tears and fears. And I love your picture! My first thought was Gone With the Wind-it looks just like the scene with Scarlett fleeing Atlanta!

  4. Poor baby! That is no fun having so much work done at the dentist. Did you get to go back with her?

    Love the new puppy stuffed animal. LiLi LOVES her stuffed animals. I almost have to put a stop to them because they now have their own room. She won't give any up.