Thursday, December 9, 2010

School was SO fun today!!!

Today was a really FUN school day.
I read a few great home school blogs
one of which is 1+1+1=1
and I have gotten lots of ideas for the Christmas season.
Put that together with what I used to do with my K kids
and we have tons of FUN things to do!!!

This morning when the girls woke up
they found Hermie hanging from the ceiling
in the sunroom.
AND... he had drawn a Christmas tree on the easel.

So the girls decided to paint it...
and decorate it too.

We learned J is for Jesus and painted them.

We made cute Christmas tree ornaments

and added their Santa photo inside.

We did lots more... they could have gone all day..
but there is tomorrow!
EK is the best teacher to SJ~
and SJ is a great copycat...
LOVE being home and teaching them everyday!!!


  1. In that next to last picture, Jing Jing looks like the ornament!

  2. I know that site! Pretty good. I wish I could home school LiLi. Even though she has been sick, we have been able to do some work (in between telling me how her tummy hurts). We have had sooooo much fun and we get soooooo much done and then some.

    Oh- do you make all of their clothes? I love them!!!

  3. So fun! My pre-homeschooling is going to kick into gear in January. I am not sure how you do it all! Do you use a curriculum? I found a neat one that I thought about trying.

    We have "Flex" at our house. He was pretty creative to hang from a string like that!

  4. I think our Fred may have some tricks up his sleeve. :)

  5. Adorable!!! LOVE schoolin' in our pj's, too :)

  6. Such cute projects!!! I need to hit the craft section at WM and get some more stuff for Max...I have hardly anything!