Monday, December 13, 2010

Jing's First Movie...

EK had her last dental appt today
and she did GREAT
so we decided to celebrate afterwards with a movie.
I had wanted to take the littles to see Tangled
so today was the day!
EK and Jing LOVED it and so did I!!!
Jing was completely mesmerized from the beginning...
and only asked once if it was time to go. :)
We are thinking we may have to go see again
during the holidays! :)
A really fun day!!!


  1. Yay for EK!!

    We loved it too! Tia made it through the entire movie also, that was a first I think! Definitely a fun movie!

    I love the photos!

  2. What a little trooper EllaKate is!
    I love how serious JingJing looks.
    Glad it was a fun day for you and the girls.

  3. Even my son has been asking to see this movie, so it must be good!


  4. We saw it on Sunday afternoon and Briana loved it! We got to meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at Disney World, so it really neat to see them on the big screen. :D

  5. So glad the dental appointment went well. Wonderful! I will have to take Miss Lucey Lu to see it. The pictures are so cute of the girls.

    With Joy--

  6. I really want to take Mya! I think she'll love it and it'd be a special "girl date".

    Love the girls' coats! so adorable!