Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jing and Ming cont...

Yesterday started our pretty smooth for us~
completely different story for Allison...
she had to travel about two and a half hours
in which time...
Got a late start
Ming Jiao threw up a little
Allison got pulled over (warning) and
Ming Jiao threw up a lot right before they got there.
It didn't phase them though...
they came right in, ate lunch,
and we enjoyed our day together. :)

While we waited for them,
the girls enjoyed playing on an interactive floor.
It was priceless to see the girls play and enjoy each other~
It is sweet to see the rich bond that is forming
and the precious love blooming in them.
And what do you do when they both want to ride and there is no double stroller?
Double decker. :) Probably looked ridiculous to all the people around us~
to me, it was two precious girls continuing their bond to sisterhood. :)

Yesterday was a monumental day for two moms
who didn't even know each other existed until
we were matched with two babies from
Putian City, Fujian, China.
It's amazing how we were instantly connected
and knew we wanted to be friends...
the red thread connection. :)

Yesterday was mysterious for two little girls
who once lived together far away in China
and haven't seen each other for 3 months
and all of a sudden are together again in a strange place
with completely new people.
I SO wish I could have read all the thoughts going through
Jing's mind as she looked at Ming Jiao (Collins).

The rest of the day was just plain FUN!
We enjoyed a ride on the Pink Pig
and everyone chose a souvineerfrom the gift shop.
Jing chose a pig backpack and LOVES it~
she actually went to sleep hugging it last night
and was quick to put it on this morning.

Allison and I had this preconceived notion
that we would have the four girls' pictures made with Santa.
Hmmm... only ONE wanted to see him~
Guess Who? Jing!
She loves him!!! She backed right up
and sat in his lap~ nodding her head to all his questions.

Then it was time to head home
before major traffic hit.
We walked them out to their car
and Allison gave the girls cute gifts which they loved.
But the sweetest gift was one brought
all the way home from China for JingJing~
by Allison from the doctor @ the orphanage...
Jing's finding clothes.
They had forgotten to give them to me~ very emotional!
They were tiny, very worn,
and will be a treasured part of Jing's story.
I handed the box to Jing
and she just looked at it.
I told her it came all the way from China
and we took the clothes out.
I told her they were the clothes
she wore when she was a baby... she had the biggest smile!
She is all about a baby~ especially when talking about her.
It was bittersweet for us to part~
me and Allison still having a million things to talk about,
the two big girls just getting warmed up
and lots more playing to do,
and the littles just plain tired and ready for a nap.
Everyone made it home safe
and look forward to next time together!!!

Philippians 1:3
I thank my God every time I remember you.


  1. I'm so happy for you and your daughter. It must have been wonderful meeting Allison and reuniting the girls. I looks like it didn't take them long to reconnect. You took such beautiful photos!


  2. Oh, the finding clothes made me cry! Asher was found, too, and I just cannot imagine his poor mom and what she was feeling.

    What a special day!

  3. That's so amazing that you guys were able to meet one another and reunite the girls! How awesome! It was neat to look at the pictures but I bet it was cooler in person, when they first saw each other. And I'm glad you got her finding clothes!! I still haven't taken Max to ride the Pink Pig. It's so far away!

  4. We did the pink pig last year. If the line wasn't so long I would do it every year. Love the retro photo's. I had a similar red dress in 1991. Merry Christmas!