Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Santa Visit

Yesterday we went for bridesmaids and flower girl
dress fittings~ then to see Santa and a little shopping.
We stopped in a new store~ Charming Charlie
and SJ found a cute lip gloss that she loved.
I usually let her carry something around
and put it back at the last minute.
As we were walking through the mall,
I noticed she was putting lip gloss on~
Oh no... we forgot to put it back
so went back later and paid for it.

We made it to see Santa~
EK was still very shy with him
but SJ went right to him and wasn't scared at all.
He did most of the talking and they just nodded.
We shot a few sweet pics.
And when the visit was complete,
both girls walked away...
SJ turned around to look at Santa one more time
then went back for a hug. :)

The little girls wanted to ride the carousel
while the big girls shopped.
EK rides the black horse EVERY time~
she loves it.
SJ just rides the closest one to EK. ;)
They would have ridden 10 times if we had let them.

We ended the night with a yummy meal @ PF Changs
and looking forward to our next visit with Santa.


  1. Sounds like a great time. My oldest brother looks like Santa so our two year old grandson was petrified of him in September-he's a brave little soul, though, so he has watched every Santa movie our daughter owns since then and now loves the big guy. Can't wait til my brother visits again to see if he loves him, too.

  2. Your Santa is really cute. Love the photos Happy Holidays!

  3. I keep thinking about Jing learning to sing "Jing"le Bells. She will think that the song is all about her!

  4. Glad you had fun out there! Max loves the carousel too! I can't wait to take him to see Santa again. Don't know when. That's so cute about Jing going back and giving him a hug, seriously!!