Friday, November 12, 2010

My Christmas Cheer

My favorite Christmas things that bring Cheer
to our house this time of year. :)

1~ Family Tree: all the things the girls have made
and the ornaments we have given them
2~ Snowman Tree: Being a teacher for so long
allows you to collect MANY ornaments
3~ Christmas Card Tree: I hang all the photo cards
we receive on this tree.
4~ Santa Tree~ all Santa ornaments
5~ Frame Tree: Little frames with photos
of family through the years~
especially their first Santa visit. :)

My Willow Tree Nativity is my FAVORITE thing
I put out and have ordered the Shepherds and Wise Men.

My Santa collection
and a little tree that has ornaments that I cross stitched
the Christmas before we went to get EK.
I used my waiting time to make something beautiful!
I also started buying a new Christmas frame each year
to put our Christmas card photo in
and they are sprinkled around the house. :)

And now a sweet story about SJ~
Most every night since we got her
we have said the blessing as a family
modeling for her being thankful.
"God is great, God is good..."
And every time we asked her to say it with us
or bow her head, she just shook her head.
That was fine with us~
I loved peeking at her and she was always watching us all
so seriously... taking it all in.

BUT last night as we all began to pray...
we heard the sweetest voice speaking over us all~
with all her heart and her eyes closed...
she said the blessing, speaking every single word,
and we all gave the biggest cheer for her and to Jesus!!!
I had her pose for this precious photo~ look at those sweet eye lashes.

Another sweet moment not long after we got home
as I was singing Jesus Loves Me to her
while getting her to sleep,
she reached over and put her finger over my lips
and sang the whole verse and chorus by herself.

My most earnest prayer for all my children
has been to know Jesus and His love for them...
encouraging them to pour out that love on others!
I think SJ is beginning to get it. PTL!!!
Thank you Jesus for this precious gift
this wonderful Christmas season!!!

OH and just in case you think everything here is all
Christmas goodies and happy cheer...
SJ just bit the fire out of EK because she was trying to wipe her nose~ personal space I guess.
Ummmm... let me go and figure out how to handle this one.
Happy Friday!!!

PS... Another big thank you to Cyrise who helped make all this beauty happen this year!!!


  1. Love this post and all of your decorations! My mom collects nativities-I'm going to look for that Willow Tree one. Thank you for keeping it real in your last paragraph!!

  2. Thank you Sharon,such a beautiful Post especially with SJ joining the family with your blessing..... brought tears to my eyes.... You are truly Blessed to be a blessing! Love all your Beautiful trimmed trees <3 also love the idea of placing all the previous years Christmas photos around the home! In Australia we put our trees up 1st December, but I tell you I am so keen to get them up after seeing yours... I have been listening to Christmas Music as I have been sewing brings such Joy to my heart ;-) Even though its pretty Hot here in Australia on Christmas day I still love hearing about Snowflakes and Mistletoe....I will be posting photos to my Facebook as I progress with my Christmas trimming. Thank you for sharing Sharon, Many blessings to you xxx P.s I have started our Christmas Cards last night!

  3. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts about the girls. As a mom of all boys, it's nice to hear how the other half lives! : )
    Seriously, your posts are beautiful and the pictures melt my heart.

  4. You are one festive family! Love the Christmas tree themes.

    Thanks for the real deal mention about the girls. It makes us feel more normal!

  5. Love her pose, she is beautiful!! Blessings

  6. Really? Already? I have been playing the movies and music already! I just haven't got the tree up! As far as I'm concerned, it's the BEST time of year!!

    I love the picure of ShayleeJoy! I can remember the moment when Mya finally "gave" in and held our hands while we prayed. It was almost a year though before she'd repeat the words - little stinker!

    i LOVE your Willow Tree Nativity set! Gorgeous!

  7. Wow, I can't believe your have FIVE beautiful trees and they are all so different. Just gorgeous. I love your Santa collection; that bookcase is the perfect place to display them.

    So glad that SJ has joined in the blessing. Sometimes you must wonder what is going on in her little head.

  8. I do really love your Christmas spirit! You make me really want to start getting ready also!

    I hope Jing is better today - Elijah is running around like a crazy boy :)

  9. You WILL NOT believe this, Sharon. Last Sunday - Joel and Brit brought all our Christmas stuff up from the basement because I couldn't handle it anymore. While the week was busy and the tree didn't get decorated- just up - it was killing me. Well, last night when I went out to celebrate my bday with some friends - SG and B decorated the whole tree BEAUTIFULLY! I was so excited when she texted me the picture. We have almost finished up with all the decorations and am so glad that someone else is as excited about Christmas as us! our trees are beautiful. Actually -I wasn't going to post my pics of the tree just yet due to the "blogger abuse" I was afraid I'd take, but guess what - you have just inspired me! Thanks. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! I know the H's are half way done as well :)

  10. I love how you have 5 Christmas trees and different themes for each one.

    And the picture of SJ is just precious. :)

  11. Love your decor for Christmas!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home, and inspiring me to get going on our holiday season too!