Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teeth and Bananas

I don't have any idea if Jing brushed her teeth in China
and highly doubt it since all of her lower molars
in the back have cavities (haven't ventured to dentist yet)
but she LOVES to brush them now.

these girls eat their weight in fruit...
already by 10:30 today,
they had eaten strawberries, raisins, oranges,
grapes twice, and now bananas. :)
Have to hit the grocery about every 3 days or so.

Headed to Amelia's VB game in a bit...
after nap time. :)


  1. Claire is getting into brushing as well. Definately had never, as it has taken us this long to get her used to it.

    Your little fruity chicks are cuties!

  2. Such sweet pictures! I have been trying to post a comment for days and haven't been able.


  3. We consumed Costco size portions of bananas when Sienna came home. Noodles and eggs too... She has moved on now.. But, I seriously thought we would need to buy stock in all of the above! She will occasionally eat a banana now.. And she is slowly starting to like certain American foods.
    I still struggle at breakfast with our precious girl!!

    Adorable pics!

  4. Alaina told us that she only brushed her front teeth, but never had toothpaste. Thus, her dental trauma for the last year and a half! We go again for more this Friday! She occasionally still gags when she brushes...

  5. they look cute eating it too!

    Tia had surgery for crowns last year :( hopefully Jing's teeth will be better (and less expensive!)

  6. What beautiful photos of the girls. You know they look like they have always been together.God is amazing!!!!!!!!!!
    I Love you!!

  7. They both are so beautiful in yellow...well actually they are just BEAUTIFUL but I love the yellow on them !!

  8. How did you make that happen? We struggle with the teeth brushing thing!
    I'm pretty sure that Quinn's teeth were never brushed in China.

    I can't get over how well Jing is doing since her surgery! She looks amazing. I'm so glad that she is through this now and you guys can just focus on enjoying your new life. :) The girls are just beautiful.


  9. It is just the opposite with us. Aidan brushed his teeth like he was practicing for a marathon and now I have to ride him to do it. (I think that when he was moved from the foster home to the orphanage, the kids were lined up to brush and couldn't stop until time was up or something.)