Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Great Weekend!

All the chicks were in the nest
along with Josh, Robby, and Baileigh~
a house full to say the least.

Saturday was SO busy...
everyone going their own way
but Sunday was church, lunch, friendly game of Corn Hole~
Hmmm... can you tell who won?

Then a HUGE photo shoot for Amelia's senior pictures
and maybe a Christmas card shot for us.
My sweet friend Andrea let us shoot in her yard...

Dinner out with all the kids...
when we pulled back into the garage
SJ said, "We're home!"
That was music to this mom's heart!!!
We enjoyed a little more time outside
and sent the big bigs on their way home.
A GREAT weekend indeed!!!


  1. You have a beautiful family that enjoys good old fashioned together time. Well done mom and dad!

  2. I'm lovin' your friend's house! Wonder if she would let you do a photo tour of it sometime... :-)
    Can't wait to see Amelia's senior pics!

  3. Love the photos of your beautiful family!!! All of our chicks were in the nest too...gotta love those times! I'm thinking your Christmas photo will be that house! SJ is home...praise God!! I remember it taking months to realize that I was not still waiting for Mia Hope. Just gotta get Liliana home now. :)
    Love and blessngs,

  4. That word "home" is very important to Melina, too. When we're out & she gets very tired or upset, she asks to go home. I love that our home is her place of comfort & security.

  5. Can't wait to see her senior pics! And tkae family photos for Christmas!