Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dr Visits & Ice Cream

Thursday was a marathon Dr day~
we had an appt with cardiologist @ 10,
lunch with a precious friend leaving for China soon,
and pediatrician appt @ 2:30...

Both appts went fine~
Cardiologist told us SJ's pulmonary arteries were no better
but we weren't going backwards~ that's great!
EK, SJ, and myself all got our flu shots @ the ped
plus SJ needed two boosters to finish all her
immunizations from China.

EK cried a lot and SJ cried a little
but thankfully Scott was there to even out
the parent/child ratio.
Afterwards, we got some ice cream,
met dad for Chinese, road the carousel,
(SJ's very first ride)
and bought new shoes...
A great marathon of a day.

All pics taken with my IPhone and SO thankful I had it!!!

On Friday after breakfast,
out of the clear blue sky SJ said, "Mama, Ice Cream."
And it wasn't just a random statement...
it was a request to EAT some ice cream.
She stood by the freezer and kept saying it over and over.

Now what do you think I said back when the bigs were little?
"No honey, you just had breakfast.
We don't eat ice cream in the morning. "
And what do you think I said to SJ?
"OK, just one scoop."
I mean what's the harm?
She eats NO other dairy so I guess it's a little calcium.
Anyway... I guess this is what it boils down to
when a 45 year old mom is loving on her new little one~
making huge progress with bonding and attachment...
she knows for SURE I WILL feed her
and that's a GREAT thing~
really great for EK too. :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day full of errands and duties with a bit of fun and sweetness thrown in! That's the best way to smooth over the less pleasant parts.

  2. Aidan did not like dairy when he came home. He's from Beijing and they have an enormous selection of yogurt famous throughout the PRC, and we have nothing that even comes close to it here-we looked. Two years later he has taken a liking to many dairy products, including (just recently) feta cheese, but he still doesn't like milk.

  3. It is so true that at 45 we see things so different!! We finally realize that a little ice cream in the morning is not a big deal !! Thank you God for letting us mellow a little bit !!

  4. No big deal! I don't think it has to do with your age or the way you parent. (just don't use that as an excuse to let her get away with everything!)
    That really is one of the small things! AND, our doctor said that ice cream is an OK snack...for dairy and for helping the "thinner" kids get the extra calories they need. I have done that here!

  5. You've got to love a girl who knows what she wants -- and a sweet mama who's there to give it to her!

  6. So glad everything went well!!! Very thankful. And a little ice cream (or McDonald's!) never hurt anyone, right? I sure like it...