Sunday, September 5, 2010

SJ's First Swim

When we returned from the garden tour,
we ate a snack lunch and took the girls to the pool.
They looked so cute together!!!

SJ wanted NOTHING to do with the pool!
We stood off to the side and watched.
Finally I picked her up and took her to the baby pool.
She whimpered a little but pretty soon,
she was in and loving it!
She even let Baba hold her hand a little while.
The beautiful big sister!
Another bonding moment...
Scott put his hat on SJ's head and she loved it.
I LOVE this pic of her!!!


  1. Oh my, that last pic is toooo cute! Love it. Big sis looks like she is loving that water!

  2. Love seeing that girl in Daddy's hat!!!!!!! Baby steps!!!

  3. They look so cute in their matching swimsuits. I'm glad SJ finally warmed up to the water. I bet she had a ball with EK.