Monday, September 20, 2010


Jing does not like taking medicine at all.
Bad thing about that is...
several of her meds are changing
from IV to oral and she isn't happy.
Our sweet nurse Sue called in
the Child Life Specialist today to see if she could help.
They tried showing Jing how her baby
took the medicine like a big girl.
Jing did NOT fall for that one...
she still fought it with all her sweet might.
Hoping she will take it better from me once we are home.

Any suggestions?
We have tried using a syringe, cup, and spoon,
putting it in a sippy cup with juice,
putting it in applesauce...
what else to try???
She's one smart little cookie. :)

PS... not coming home until at least Wednesday.


  1. She's just too smart for psychology. That medicine is just fine for a baby doll, but not so tasty when it's in her mouth! Wed sounds like a great day. Hope she continues to improve!

  2. You HAVE tried everything! I hope she'll take it better from you. :>( I hope Wed will be the day!

  3. Have you tried bribing her? Have a piece of candy....really good candy...and let see if she will take the medicine to get it. I'd still try to disguise the taste though.


  4. one thing we do is dip the syringe in sugar. if it's coated with the medicine already then the sugar will stick. if not, dip it in something wet or even in honey and then in sugar. i imagine she's already having nothing to do with the syringe but maybe this will help? and follow it up with a bite of icecream. :) there's no such thing as too much sugar to make the medicine go down at this house! :)

  5. Hi Sharon! We had the same child life specialist! She was great with giving us ideas for our other three kids to cope with John Asher being in the hospial. He never liked his medicines either, although he takes his lasix great for us now. I think we just had to force them in him and follow it with juice or milk. He was much younger than Shaylee so I can see it being more difficult forher. Mixing it with food would be my best idea: yougurt, applesauce, anything of that consistency. My only suggestion would be to try to incorporate it with mealtimes so she doesn't know it is in there.
    BTW, those early morning x-ray's are not far from my memory and I know it is brutal getting up that early. Hang in there, the end is almost near! I pray for you guys daily and can't wait to see Shaylee come home!

  6. Cottage cheese is working pretty well with our girl. The pill is white, though ;o) May be, you can try ice cream too. Normally, it works ;p

    Good luck!

  7. Have you thought about just telling her that if she doesn't take her meds, her heart will be hurt again. Sounds silly but sometimes kids like that (the samrt ones) like to feel in control. She has gone through so much this last month, maybe she doesn't like being tricked. I know she is little but LiLi was like that. If I tricked her, it was worse. I told her what had to be done and then let her pick the drink or snack to wash down the bad taste.

    Again, it might sound crazy but it is worth a try. That kid you got there is one smart cookie. Then again, you can just laugh at me and do something else. That's ok too! ;0)

    Glad to hear that she might be home by Wednesday. That is amazing!!! God is good!!!

  8. That's always a tough one. It's the last thing she's found that she can still control. What about having them call the language line (pacific interpreters) to get a person that speaks Chinese to talk to her? They would see if maybe she would take it if she can push the syringe plunger into her own mouth.

  9. I did a blog post on this once :) Tia took it with strawberry syrup (like for ice cream) we couldn't mix it - just make the strawberry the second taste on the spoon. Now Tia can be bribed with a piece of candy as Lynn suggested. It must be so much more difficult because Jing is still learning English!


  10. Oh...we have SO been in that spot! Georgia came home on a ton of meds. what wound up working for her was chocolate. She would take a bite and then squirt some meds in, take another bite...more meds etc.
    You will find a groove, praying that it comes soon!

  11. Jake hated his meds as well. The liquid meds tasted awful. We finally switched Jakes to tablet form and he just chews them up. Also you can disguise them easier in food or chocolate syrup! The taste is not as strong. I'll be praying. She will get into a routine.
    p.s. if she is taking potassium, there is just no way around it. That stuff is awful!! I tasted it when Jake had to take it!

  12. We give Connor and Madelyn a few chocolate chips or M&Ms to eat prior to the medicine. The chocolate kind of coats the mouth. Our ped suggested this one to us when Connor had to take a very awful tasting medicine. Will be praying for medicine to be easier and for strength. I am sure that everyone is exhausted!


  13. This was difficult for us as well. We tried the food thing and she was just too smart. she now takes it like nothing like its just part of the daily routine. She will get it down. Praying it is soon. Love the smile.