Monday, August 2, 2010

Waiting for ShayleeJoy

EK is so ready for ShayleeJoy...
everyday she asks me how much longer
and I always say sometime in August.

Well... it's August and she thinks we should be on our way.
To help with the wait, we made a Shaylee chain.


Each day we will take off a link
and when we finally get TA (travel approval),
we will adjust to represent the exact # of days.

We are making plans and packing bags...
ready to get our baby home.

Two precious friends met their beautiful daughters today...
and Ashley.


  1. It will be time to go before you know it! A 4th grade class made me a chain last year when we were waiting for Asher. I still have links in my office because he came home sooner than expected!

  2. My kids are anxious for their sibling to come home, too! I keep telling them "around Christmas" so I have a little while longer before we get into the exacts...I wonder if there is any way I can keep Christmas a secret from them until the very last minute? LOL! Can't wait for you to travel!

  3. I love the link idea. Aidan talks every few days about Eva-when we're shopping and see girl things, when we talk about Christmas or getting a new bike, etc. We're still trying to get the HS finished (part of it has been sent to China for a pre-approval), but once that's finally done, we might have to do something similar to your idea. Maybe cover her photo with leaves and remove them when they start falling in autumn until she is revealed:-)

  4. Awesome! We are planning to make one for Sophia while we are gone. Might just copy your idea for before we leave. Good idea!

    Come on TA!

  5. I LOVE Gotcha days..

    AND paper chains ;)

    Counting down the days with you!!!!

  6. Do you have a painting on your front porch? If so, I love it!