Saturday, August 28, 2010

ShayleeJoy Day Morning

Our day began at 5:30am~
that's when it is daylight here. :)
And because we are all asleep by 8 or so,
that's about as late as we can sleep anyway.

We took it slow getting dressed and ready for breakfast.
Breakfast began at 7:30 and we were right down there.
The food was fine and coffee a little less strong.
And the best part was meeting another sweet BAAS family.
They have 3 older children same ages as our girls,
a five year old from China and getting a three year old.
Isn't GOD SO GOOD???!!!
We will get ShayleeJoy and Marianna
in a conference room here in the hotel
@ 3:30pm China time and 3:30am EST. :)

We are staying in the Lakeside Hotel
and there is a beautiful lake out front.
We took a walk around it along a boardwalk
and here are a few photos...


  1. OK - You must have her!!! Lifting you up!!!


  2. Oh yeah!!!!!! I just checked this before going to bed. Shelby said she wants to stay up until our 3:30am to see. I can hardly wait to wake up tomorrow morning to check on you all. Post those pics girly! We are so happy for you. Emma is excited for Ella Kate. Tell her hello all the way to China from Georgia!XOXO

  3. oh my - you will have Shaylee Joy by the time we wake up! falling asleep praying for you!!!! God is so good!!!! xo ellie

  4. I just told Eric about the other BAAS family, and he asked what it's like to meet yourselves halfway around the world. LOL! You have so many amazing stories to tell SJ about how you became a family. Will pray for you before I close my eyes tonight and be up early to check your blog in the morning. Happy SJ Day! :)

  5. I love the pictures. I would love to visit China one day!