Friday, August 6, 2010

School Update...

All three older sisters love school.
Savannah will be teaching with a sixth grade
science teacher and loves her!
Amelia has one class with all her best friends
and they have taken a pic of the group each day.
Rosemary LOVES high school
and has enjoyed cheer leading practice this week!!!

And then there's EK...
I will say the first couple of mornings
EK was a little difficult to motivate.
When I taught school,
I could say, "Oh just look how hard so and so is working"
and it would motivate the whole group. :)
Not so at home.
I had to come up with something.

While going through my school stuff in the garage,
I saw a container full of McDonald beany babies.
Knowing that EK is an avid animal lover
I brought them in and introduced her to
'The School Buddies".
(Made it up right there on the spot)

Her eyes were as big as saucers
and I could tell she was dying to touch them.
I let her choose one that would be her buddy
for the day and watch how hard she worked.

Can I just say~
it has worked like a charm.
Every time she has just a little inkling to slack
or complain or whine...
I mention putting School buddy back in the basket
and there is an immediate perk up. :)

Each day I read a story and we enjoy an art project that relates.
Today we read Two eyes, A Nose, and a Mouth.
It is a book that teaches how each person is special.
EK created a self portrait of herself
and wrote...
"I am special because I am from China."


  1. SUCH a good idea. See, YOU know your girl the best - you know exactly what will motivate her!! Darling pictures & I love the self portrait!

  2. Great sentence!!! I also love the idea of the school buddies. Very cute! I have sticker charts for LiLi. After so many stickers, she gets to pick a prize. Some of the prizes are staying up 15-30 extra minutes, ice cream cone, or a new book. There are also bigger prizes like going to the zoo or taking a walk around Lake Erie (which we do anyway!;0)

    Yeah, are the girls going to China?

  3. Chinamama,
    I can never reply to you. there is no blog or email attached to your profile. I always want to reply but can't. Email me privately so we can talk.

  4. I remember the beanie baby craze! Haha. I love the art project! Can't wait to do this kind of stuff with Max when he gets a little older. :>)