Thursday, August 19, 2010

OK... I want to tell the truth

I was in the family room
when EK called to me and said,
"I spilled apple peels on the floor and I am going to vacuum them up"...
I asked her to let me get them up because it would be sticky.

She quickly said, "OK, I want to tell the truth.
I spilled the fish food but
I want to clean it up for you."

How could I be upset?
I am thankful the things we are reading
and practicing each day in HS are really sinking in.
Jesus is working in her~
that's what life on this earth is about!
So I praise Him for allowing me this glimpse
of His love today!!! :)

And SO proud of a sweet sweet girl
who loves her mama and her Jesus!!! :)


  1. That is too sweet! LiLi would do something like that. I love their big hearts!!! Hey, want a cat? Hee Hee Hee...I found it in the woods. 3 months old and all white. It will be my baby gift to you. ;0)

  2. What a sweet little heart EllaKate has! Isn't it amazing when they "come clean"?!

  3. too cute :) I have to really encourage honesty with one of mine - EK is doing great!!