Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Home Front

I thought I would share what my sisters and I have been up to while our mom, dad and EK have been in China. We miss them very much, but we are so excited to see ShayleeJoy's sweet face in about 5 hours!
Today, we celebrated SJ's gotcha day! This morning Josh and I washed my car and he even waxed it! It looks great! I know, that has nothing to do with SJ :)

After lunch, we decided to travel to Mall of GA and look for shoes for Amelia. She is going to be on Bulldog Court and she needed some shoes for her dress! We were very successful!! When we came out of one of the stores, this is what we found...

He was so sweet to drive us and follow us around all day. He is going to the best husband! Don't worry, he found some flip flops for himself!
After we finished shopping, we decided to eat at PF Changs to celebrate gotcha day. It was so delicious, like always! We defintely had a feast, and the girls will be able to eat rice for a few days!

After dinner, we decided to get a cookie cake to continue our celebration! We had them write: "Happy Gotcha Day Shaylee"

It was so delicious!!!

We love you Mom, Dad, EK and SJ!!! We can't wait to see your sweet face SJ!

~Savannah, Amelia, Rosemary and Josh


  1. We miss you all too! Funny we could see that you all were at MoG when looking at our bank account. :) EK said your post was SO sweet. She misses her big sisters SO much. Me and Dad do too!!! So glad you all are having fun and celebrating... Let me see~ we are having trail mix, cheetoes, and water to celebrate. :) Thanks for posting!!!
    Love Mom, Dad, EK, and soon to be SJ

  2. That was so sweet of the girls to post for you. You must have the sweetest girls ever!!! 3 1/2 hours to go!!! Hang in there. I think once you post SJ pictures with you, you will hear a cheer across the world all at once!!!

  3. too fun! Shaylee will love knowing that her big sisters were celebrating her half way around the world! Happy Shaylee Joy Day!

  4. Looks like a great day-love the pictures of the three of you. And he's a keeper.

  5. This is just the sweetest post! I love how Savannah is "mothering" "the girls" while you are away! I know it gives you peace of mind.