Monday, August 30, 2010

First Toe Nail Painting

This is the doll that went to her in her birthday package.
She was holding it when we met her
and holds it all the time.
Kinda looks like Kai Lan.

I clipped her fingernails and toenails
and added a little polish to her toes. :)

Sorry for the low shirt but just couldn't pass on this pic...
fell fast asleep in my arms
and EK said, "She is just so precious!"
SO Precious!!!


  1. I'm sure that SJ loved having her toes match EK! That is one of the first things Alaina managed to "ask" us for, after seeing the other painted toes. Glad things are going well for you all - a little crying is just fine!

  2. What a precious picture of the 3 of you!!


  3. Looks like everything is going great! I love the pic of her sleeping. They are absolutely adorable. Enjoy!!

  4. Yes, you had to include your baby falling asleep on you ;)

    I am so thrilled she let you paint her toes! It took me a week in China to get Mya's shoes off, much less have her let me paint them piggies!!

  5. Too cute, matching piggies :) Happy to hear EK is doing so well. How is DH holding up? Does she like him at all or just a mommy's girl right now?

  6. I love, love, LOVE all of it!!! Absolutely priceless!!!

  7. loving your stories! i am glad there are highs after the lows! that is so reassuring. and with any child, no matter how secure or happy, there are always going to be grumpy afternoons here and there so maybe she just didn't sleep long enough and that made everything worse to her? i am glad she cheered up! i am so thankful that things are going well. what a blessing!

    and i commented yesterday that evie was wearing the same dress as your girls - well last night i gave her her first pedicure too! funny how we are thinking the same things! :)

  8. SO PRECIOUS indeed!! CONGRATULATIONS again! It's SO good to see you finally over there...with your precious princess in your arms! Love this pic of the 3 of you!