Thursday, August 26, 2010

Disney Character Breakfast

The Character breakfast wasn't until 9:30
so went in the gift shop to look around.
EK said I should buy her this dress
so she could wear it in Savannah's wedding. :)

She did get an autograph book and pen
for all the pics and sigs she will get today and tomorrow.
Our first visitor was Daisy.
EK was very scared at first
but warmed up to the idea and enjoyed it.
Daisy proved to be her favorite.
Then Goofy...
and Mickey...
and Pluto.
EK is hoping to see all the princesses tomorrow
when we go to Disneyland for the day.


  1. Ally and I are up early! She says her favorites characters are "Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy, that's all I like." I think her list would continue if she saw them all!

    Hope your sleep is adjusting! Can't wait to see HK Disney! I'm sure it will be magical!

  2. What a cute dress, and what a cute girl! Maybe the idea of a princess-like dress is what it will take to convince her to be in the wedding :)

  3. Ha her dress choice for the wedding! I'm so glad you are getting to relax a bit before the big day. It's been so stressful getting to this point and I know it helps!


  4. LiLi wants EK to know that she should not be scared of any of the characters in Disney because they HAVE to be nice. If not, Mickey makes them leave. She also wants EK to know that you can ask the people type characters questions and they have to answer you. Example. "Ariel, how is Prince Eric doing? What do you like better, swimming or walking?" It can be a lot of fun talking to them. Have a wonderful day today!!!

  5. Oh what fun!!! My kids would have been in heaven! :)

  6. Go see the princess as soon as you get there. if it's anything like Disney World you'll be waiting over an hour.

    Can't wait to see the photo's..enjoy your time in HK and can't wait to meet shaylee here on the blog

  7. FUN! I love the dress :) I hope Ella Kate enjoys the Princesses! We didn't have to stand in many lines when we were there so hopefully you won't either!

    I love the updates!

  8. What a special way to spend a couple days before EK becomes the BIG sister! Can't wait to hear about Disney. Hope she gets to meet & talk to all the princesses!

  9. I think Savannah would approve of the dress?