Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hard Work!

My brother Jason is working long, hot, hard days
on the farm right now.
He is cutting corn from sunup to sundown.
My mom called today and wanted us to come up and shoot some photos.
My dad can't remember when the corn was so tall!
Amelia took these shots of Jason driving the silage chopper
cutting the corn that will be fed to the dairy cows.
Hard Work!!!

7-28-10 Jason~ Cutting Corn 001-2

7-28-10 Jason~ Cutting Corn 007-2

7-28-10 Jason~ Cutting Corn 012-2


  1. How neat! Amelia told me they went to do that yesterday. :>)

  2. Nothing beats a Deere ;) Being an Iowan - I love nothing more than the sight of good corn being harvested!! Even if it's for the cows!!

  3. Great Shots Amelia!!! I would not want to be working in this heat!