Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Embroidery Shop

Savannah has been so blessed to work at a wonderful shop in Dahlonega
for the past 6 months.
They just opened a new shop right on the town square
and would love for you to stop by.




You can check out their website although there is MUCH more
and like them on Facebook.


  1. Sharon, just wanted you to know that when I clicked on your "test post" I got an error saying that "Isn't She Lovely" doesn't exist. When I clicked on "Isn't She Lovely", it brought me here.


  2. I would go broke with a shop like that around here... Growing up in the 80's with a name like Brooke, no one ever had things with my name on it. Now, Im obsessed with embroidery things, mostly with our last name on them since it'd be a little funny for me to walk around with my first name on things at my age ;) What a fun place to work!