Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Dress

Yesterday we decided we would go to Atlanta
to LOOK at dresses and just get an idea of style, price, and time. We started at one boutique in Buford
and ended up in Duluth.

Savannah had a binder with pics of dresses she loved
and we began going through hundreds of dresses.
She knew EXACTLY what she was looking for
and pulled them right off the rack.

I'm pretty sure the One she Loved was among
the first she tried on.
She put it on and walked out to step on the raised step
and said, "I love it".
There was a confidence about her in this dress
that was not evident in the others.
I'm pretty sure we tried on 25 dresses
and kept coming back to the same one.

It was the sweetest time together...
the girls and I watching Savannah~
Amelia helping her with every dress.

There really are no words but oh so surreal...
a moment you dream about when they are born,
a moment she dreams about as a little girl
and then can't believe when it really happens.

At the end of a 3 hour search,
she was dressed in the dress and veil
when her dad walked into the shop.
I wish I had a snapshot of his face.
I'm pretty sure it was the same sweet face he had
on June 21st, 1986 when he saw me for the first time.
plain and simple love.

To say I had tears in my eyes is small
compared to the huge lump in my throat
as I looked at my beautiful daughter so very happy
and in love with the DRESS of her dreams!

Wish I could show you the pics but
you know that's bad luck. :)
All I can say is THAT is a huge check
off the big Wedding Planner!!!
(Later Savannah said to me... "I just knew we would find my dress today!"
What a wonderful day!!!)


  1. Man -- I can't even imagine! Especially the part about Scott walking in to see her!

  2. I remember our special day finding the dress. It was our first day looking and when Anna Kayla walked out I teared up and we knew it was the one. Treasure every moment of all the wedding planning.


  3. Wow! What an exciting moment! I still remember the day I found my dress...nearly 12 years ago! I fell in love with the first one I tried on, and a dozen or so later I finally had my Mom convinced that we were buying the very first dress I tried on! Oh, I'm so excited for Savannah!!!

  4. That is so wonderful!

    Like Tara, the very first wedding dress I ever tried on was the one I bought. I tried on others, but I knew immediately in my heart that was my dress!

    What a special moment. :)

  5. Awww, Sharon that's such a precious memory! I love the part about Scott walking in. It made me teary eyed!