Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black & White Wednesday: My Girls

We took a day trip to see Savannah in the new shop...
The Embroidery Shop
right on the town square.
She was so cute working at the counter
and helped us with some very darling items.
We met the owners and everyone that works there...
ALL so nice!!!
I could not be more thankful that she has such a wonderful place
to spend her days and earn her keep while away at college.

IMG_7092 WM

My Beautiful Girls minus one...
IMG_7104 B&W WM

In the Shop...
IMG_7112 B&W WM

Can't even tell you how hard it was to drive away
and leave her there but so thankful she is in such good hands.
Thank you Andrea, Alan, Jackie, Paulette, and Abby.


  1. It sounds like she is in WONDERFUL hands!! What a fun place to work:) Beautiful photo of your girls......and I can't wait until you are no longer "minus one" So excited for will have her in your arms before you know it!!

    Have a wonderful day~



  2. Beautiful pictures! What a wonderful place to work!

  3. I love the quaint little embroidery shop!! I wish we had one (I think it is such a southern thing!!)Love the picture of 4/5 of your girls!!

  4. Lovely conversions here. Your girls are all absolutely beautiful.

  5. What a fun place to work - and they make cute things!!!! I had so much fun with you today - Your home is GORGEOUS! I am choosing not to be jealous of all your blessings - instead I will enjoy them with you :)

    Your girls are adorable, and sweet! Bella really enjoyed talking to Rosemary, that was so sweet of her!

    I love these photos of your girls, acan't wait to see ALL of them together! Talk to you soon!

  6. Your girls are so pretty--just like their mommy. I anxiously await seeing SJ with her sisters.