Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: The Best Daddy

Our daughters couldn't be more blessed
to be loved by the best daddy in the whole world.
He lives an earthly example of their Heavenly Father's love for them
and the kind of man they are waiting for in a soul mate someday.

IMG_6271 Watermark

He loves them with his whole heart
and they adore him without measure.
I know a little girl far away in China
who will be completely blessed
with his precious love for her very soon too!

The girls and I tried to make this day a very special one...
Scott requested a Thanksgiving meal
and we weren't about to disappoint!
Between my sister's and my mom's help,
I was actually able to make my first turkey and dressing! :)
I never miss a photo shoot and today was no exception.

Picnik collage

It was so great to have my parents with Jason, Amy, and Max
here to celebrate the amazing dads in our family...
My Daddy, Scott, and Jason.
We love them all very much!!!

Picnik collage

I couldn't be more blessed to have the daddy I have either.
He is the hardest working man I have ever know.
He is quick to temper and quicker to contrition and then atonement.

I love the great passion he has for his family, his farm, and his church!
I wouldn't change him one bit!!!



  1. Such great pictures and a beautiful post!

  2. Happy Father's Day, Scott! ow you can complain with all those beautiful girls around you!?!!

  3. Great pictures! And what a great menu for Fathers Day... Thanksgiving! One of the best meals of the year :)
    Looks like a wonderful day was had by all!!

  4. Happy {Belated} Father's Day!

    I like that Thanksgiving meal for Father's perfect!!

    Your family is lovely!

  5. Great pictures! We had fun celebrating Father's Day with you.