Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: Eyes

When shooting EK, it is always tricky to get her skin just right
and her eyes open enough to pop.
I shot this image in the sunroom,
converted to B&W,
(For the I Heart Faces Eyes contest)
brightened her eyes,
added my new watermark!!!

Eyes w Watermark and Rounded

I wanted to create a watermark to stamp my images
when saving to another website or blog.
I was able to follow a GREAT tutorial at
CoffeeShop Free Stuff!
(Thanks Lisa for the suggestion!)

For more wonderful B&W images go to...


  1. So adorable! Thank you for linking up to the Coffee Shop site. I'm going to head over there now and check out all the wonderful information. Isn't Lisa awesome helping others with their blog/photography needs?

  2. Ella Kate is getting so grown up! Great catchlights :) I am so going to try to learn how to do a watermark! awesome!

  3. Sweet little girl :) love her expressions!

  4. Love the watermark and great shot. Let's do a photography class together sometime! Maybe one would be offered at the beach... :-)

  5. Love this. What a bright expression on her sweet face.

  6. great shot.:)She is such a cutiepie. I love your water mark! I have wanted to try too so thanks for the link.

  7. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! and I love the new watermark:) So glad the tutorial was helpful!!

    Looks like you have been enjoying your summer....awesome pictures of you all enjoying your time on the boat!!!

    Have a wonderful week~