Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rosie: 8th Grade Graduation

Where has the time gone?
I've been saying that quite a lot lately...
how is it that Rosemary is graduating from 8th grade.
Finished with middle school.
Moving to high school.


One of the greatest things about today was having Scott home to share it with.
It was so special to have him share this wonderful day with Rosie!

Picnik collage

Just a little photo op with all her friends...
Love that!

Picnik collage

And this little one deserves major praise...
she was a prefect angel through the whole TWO hours of graduation!
I told her this was a preview of what is to come next year...
Savannah graduates from college and Amelia from high school.
Talk about time flying...

Picnik collage

Couldn't be more proud of our Rose!
She's amazing in so many ways
and I'm SO thankful to be her mom!!!



  1. I can't believe sweet, young, little Rosemary is moving on to high school. I will always picture her as a third grader...I'm proud of you, Rosie!

  2. What a beautiful girl Rosemary is - my Jonah is in Year 8. They grow us so quickly!

    Ella Kate does deserve some kind of prize! 2 hours is a very long time!

  3. Congrats to Rosie!! I can't even imagine our kids graduating from middle school. AHH! :>)