Saturday, May 29, 2010

The New Freshman

Friday was Rosemary's last day of middle school
and she couldn't be happier.
She's ready to move on the bigger and better things!
High school!!!

5-28-10 Last Day of Middle School 004-2

So when school starts back... in two months...
we will have two high schoolers.
Amelia will be a senior (what?)
and Rosemary a freshman.

5-28-10 Last Day of Middle School 008-2

As a matter of fact...
Savannah will be a senior at college.
We will have two graduates, two graduations,
and two little ones who have to sit through them both. :)
Which all boils down to two VERY proud parents!!!



  1. I just found your lovely blog today and have really enjoyed reading it. You have a beautiful family. Your daughter Rosemary and my daughter Jessica are the same age. The pictures you posted of her are so beautiful. The school year in England doesn't finish until the end of July so we have to wait a while before we can enjoy our summer. I loved seeing your pictures from Myrtle Beach. The beach is my favorite place.
    Hope you are having a good weekend.
    Best Wishes from England