Monday, May 24, 2010

Amelia's Prom

Everyone knows I LOVE a great chance to shoot photos of my family~
especially something like PROM!
You probably also know I like to shoot LOTS of images!
Saturday was no exception...
after all was said and done~
I had about 160 shots to choose from.

I narrowed them down to the best of the best
and had to include ALL of these.
Hope they capture you like they have me!!!

Mama came down to see Amelia before we left for pictures.
Have you ever seen such a beautiful smile?
Picnik collage

Amelia went to prom with her boyfriend Jake.
We met his family @ FB church for pictures.
Picnik collage

The sister brigade was critical in the success of this night.
The big girls all went to the hair and nail appts together. :)
Picnik collage

Jake's family.
Picnik collage

Amelia is ALL fun and makes everyone around her happy!
Picnik collage

The girls were gorgeous!
Picnik collage

There were 4 couples in their group
and they all went to dinner in Athens before prom.
Picnik collage

Yes... there were tears when she rode off
for an evening of dreams come true.
Picnik collage

Scott wasn't in many of the pics...
not sure why~ think he was just taking it all in.
Here is a very sweet one of him and Jake.

If prom is this emotional... what is a wedding going to feel like?
I am already praying. :)



  1. Gorgeous photos - Amelia is gorgeous. They are all so beautiful!! What a sweet mom you are - I laughed at your comment that you are already praying about her wedding :)

  2. I loved these pictures!! They all look so beautiful, especially Amelia! I can't believe how old she looks - I kept thinking of her cute little face from your scrapbooks. Makes me sad to think about Max going to prom! I'm so glad she had a great time and has a sweet boyfriend to share it with!

  3. Amelia was beautiful! It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was going to prom. How time flies! I hope she had a great time!