Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just a Day in our Life...

Today was a very busy day in our life... I had a dr. appt so took the opportunity to run a few errands since Savannah is home and can keep EK. I found this beautiful plush blanket on clearance at Walmart for EK... she was thrilled- she LOVES blankets! (and stuffed animals!)

Savannah moves back to college town on Saturday into her first apartment with Baileigh. We have been gathering furniture. Josh gave her a green iron bed so we spray painted it today and now oh so cute!!! More pics to come.

We had our pool opened on Monday and it is already clear and ready for swimmers... BUT it is 66 degrees... brrrr. Did that stop EK? NO! She got right in since I had to be out there cleaning up. I didn't let her put her head under though. :)


No pics of Amelia but she is studying hard for a major chemistry test tomorrow!!! Scott is sick with some kind of virus and can't stay home because it is the end of their quarter. :(

Rosemary is trying out for high school cheerleading this week and a group of girls have gone home with each other each day to practice after practice. Today was our day, so they came over, ate spaghetti, and practiced. They all look great so far!!!



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  1. The POOL!?!?! I just got home from Colorado where it was SNOWING :-) No shorts here for a while!!!!

    Looks like a busy day in the life of a Momma to girls!