Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday: New Pic!

Isn't she lovely? Her little face is just precious and I can not wait to see her little smile, fill her with unconditional love, and be her mom forever!!!


I am so excited to sew her dresses to wear, choose headbands for her sweet buzzed hair, and find matching shoes for her outfits. I really want to make she and EK some coordinating outfits to wear while in China and even more when we get home.

It will be such a wonderful thing to watch the girls become the best of friends and most of all... sisters forever. God is so good and the Giver of all good and perfect gifts from above... I'm thinking this precious baby is definitely one of His most precious gifts of all!!!



  1. She has such piercing eyes! I know it must be such a delight to get these updated pictures of your beautiful girl! Can't wait until you bring her home!!!

  2. It still amazes me that she's yours! It all came together so beautifully. Those cheeks are made for kissing!


  3. Oh, man. New picture! So glad for you. Did Ann at Red Threads get it for you? Don't you love dreaming about her arrival? Can't wait to see the matching outfits!

  4. I know you can't wait to wrap your arms around her. Precious picture and it will be fun for you to watch her beautiful hair grow.