Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Little Author

If there is one thing I have worked so hard to instill in EK, it is the love of writing. We have done 'writing workshop' ever since she was 3. Mostly it has been drawing together with me asking what she wanted me to write then moving to helping her hear sound and inventing the spellings.

Today we had a major breakthrough with no push from me... it was all her. She was at her school table with tons of paper and her drawing books. I was in the kitchen cleaning up from lunch when she walked in with this adorable story! What's so special?

She always wants me to be there with her but today she wrote independently.


She never wants to add the color... she says it messes up her details- well today she added the color.

I love turtles.
(She gave me lots of extra details when she showed it to me. :)

She usually needs a reminder to add words and then wants me to help her sound out but today... she wrote the words all by HERSELF and touched the words as she read to me. I am one proud mama!!! She is pretty proud of herself too!!! Whoo hoo!

This girl can go through some paper! I have to put her on a paper diet each day. I am also going to chop her paper in half so she has more.

I am a firm believer that teaching a child to write makes them extra good readers. So far it is working like a charm!!!


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