Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Full Tennis Schedule

We are full force ahead with tennis right now. Both Rosie and Amelia are playing for their schools. This is a pic of Amelia (middle) and Sarah at their match yesterday. They are playing Doubles 1 this year and have quite the winning record. EK is a trooper to go and hang hours at the courts always with her wooden horse in tow. We are off for a match today and so thankful for the warm spring weather!!!




  1. I just wanted to say hello! We are also a BAAS family. Your family is beautiful! I also noticed that you live in Georgia and noticed the Clemson caption- We live in SC and my husband graduated from Clemson. So we're practically neighbors! I will looking forward to seeing ShayleeJoy in your arms! We have just received our LOA for our daughter Cai and we are hoping and praying that we will be able to travel in May. Love, Kim

  2. Beautiful Girls!!! EK is a trooper to spend so much time at the tennis matches!

  3. They are precious. Shaylee Joy is adorable! Can't wait to see you bring her home!