Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Journey of Faith

To say the past three weeks have been a roller coaster is pretty much an understatement. Adoption is such a step of faith in many ways and yet such a simple choice of love. It just comes down to every human being in this world needing and deserving love. 31 months ago, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were being called back to China for another daughter. We did all the paper chasing and logged in to wait what we thought might be two years... perfect timing we thought in our minds. God had such a different plan.

On January 25, we officially switched to special needs and began a different journey. Instead of waiting for ShayleeJoy to find us, we would be searching for her through lists and more lists. God was so good when He sent me a very informative friend who knew the ends and outs of every list available. She educated me on how to read lists, who to talk to, how to read the medicals that came with files, and the paperwork involved. She took me from a meek looker to a brave pursuer.

In the past weeks I have looked at so many faces and wondered if I would know her if I saw her. It is so easy to not really believe it can happen. My fellow adoptive friends kept reassuring me I would know. I would know my sweet ShayleeJoy when I saw her. There is so much more to this story I have yet to tell but for now just know God is so Faithful on the journey of Faith... and He has answered the prayers of our family!!!



  1. Please tell me more!!!

    Can't wait to hear from you.

  2. And what a terrific "student" you have been! Won't be long and you will be the GOTO girl for SN adoptions ;)