Thursday, February 25, 2010

EK is a PC!

You know the commercial with the little girl that makes cool stuff on her parents' PC?... EK has become a PC too.


We started a new behavior chart last week and it is working like a charm. She has a chart with rules, privileges, and consequences. One of the privileges she earns is computer time.


I only had to show her once how to use the finger pad, arrows, and keys and she had it down pat. I am amazed how fast she catches on to something. Of course she can work my IPhone as well as I can. :)


We have only ventured onto PBSkids so far but she loves it and really doesn't know how BIG cyberworld is... going to let it stay that way. Here she is concentrating like crazy on her 'work'.




  1. Hi, I'm a good friend of Donna's (just so you know I'm not some strange lurker!) Let EK venture onto too. It is all about reading and a very safe site for the kids.

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  3. We did Starfall with the boys too - it's amazing!

  4. A and A both know how to find the Dora and Diego games! I'm keeping "how to print" a secret!

  5. Oh my gosh - that is so funny! I just turned Bri onto PBS Kids website and she loves it! She can do the mouse and even print out stuff. It is amazing how fast kids can catch on!