Wednesday, January 20, 2010

EK's Lifebook

Many adoptive families are familiar with Life Books for their children. Each of the girls have a baby book that records all the details of their baby life and it is so important that I do the same for EK. The difference being I don't have pics of EK as an infant. The earliest photo is her referral pic at 7 months. I was able to find some pics via orphanage website and pics taken with a camera I sent to her orphanage when I found out where she lived. In her life book, I will take the photos and stories I have from her translated paperwork and tell her life story and forever family. I will talk about China and it's customs, people, and places. I want her to know where she was born and always be proud of her country!

Because I was able to get caught up on family scrapbooks, I am now able to focus on EK's life book. I worked on 3 pages yesterday and thought they turned out sweet. If you have made a Life book for your child, please share you ideas and suggestions. I look forward to working on this book of love for EK!

!1-27-06 Title Page

1-27-06 1 Match Day

1-28-06 Fedex



  1. I love them! That's a great idea...and I know EK will cherish it forever. :>)

  2. These are so beautiful. I have Briana's toddler lifebook done and need to start working on one for when she gets older. EK will absolutely love this.