Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Little Organization...

EK and I had the best time meeting Lynn & Olivia in Anderson today. Lynn was showing me her newly organized purse with a really cool insert inside. I tried to find one like hers but it was too big for my purse. I had an errand to run in Hobby Lobby and saw a little scrapbooking organizer. I thought it just might be the perfect little bag to use as an insert for my purse and for $6.99, it was worth a try. I turned it wrong side out so the pockets would be on the inside and it held everything in my purse perfectly. This is very exciting for me because my purse is a deep black hole that my girls call the Mary Poppins bag. In the past I just stuck my hand in and felt around until I found what I was looking for... now I look inside and take out just what I need. I am so excited to be all organized now!!! Thanks Lynn for the little push to do something I have needed to do for a long time!!!

My Purse