Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Day

Today I pulled out a few pumpkin activities for EK to work on. The first was just a simple dot to dot I printed from a website online- EK connected the numbers, then dot painted the pumpkin- simple but fun. Next, she cut out a pumpkin shape I had traced on a folded piece of construction paper. We stapled the sides and she stuffed with the extra cut off. I taught her to cut a spiral and she drew the lines. Next was a pumpkin puzzle. Using the same pumplin pattern, she cut out a single pumpkin and then I drew lines on it for her to cut into sections. I drew only 4 for her- in K I would have drawn more. She then pieced it back together and glued down- adding triangles for face. She cut out her own stem.


EK really got a cutting workout today! :)

And for a little Handwriting practice... decide what you want to work on- today I wanted EK to work on her first and last name plus the letter H. I wrote the letters on a piece of copy paper with a line underneath. I put a large dot on the letters so she would know where to begin writing. I then stapled another blank sheet on top. She traced first and then wrote on her own on the line. She did a great job!

The last pic shows how proud she was of herself!



  1. Love all your ideas...can't wait to do them with Max. Today I let him play with water and practice using measuring cups...didn't exactly go as planned. Ha ha. EllaKate is going to be SO ready for K!

  2. She is awesome!! And HER kind of pride is adorable!!

  3. as opposed to the ugly kind I am faced with when I have to wake up with myself (;