Monday, October 12, 2009

More School Work

Happy Columbus Day!!! and BOO!!! HISS!!!

School Work

EK could just not get enough school today. We started with the sticker counting then H handwriting, drawing and sounding out, 2 cutting activities, reading a ton of Halloween books, and then she wanted to do art... I pulled out my October box from school and chose these two things for her to do. She can't wait for her daddy to get home so she can take him on a tour!!! :)


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  1. Hey Shay - if I ever want to feel bad about myself, I just pop over! KIDDING! Lazy, maybe!! haha


    p.s. LOVE the counting activity with stickers too! Mya and I have been doing the KUMON books for preschoolers (she LOVES the 2-3 year old activities!)