Thursday, September 17, 2009

New School Idea: Spelling Sticks!

Every afternoon EK and I work on school together and I try to focus on three main areas: literacy (phonics and reading), writing, and math. I have shared my letter stick idea with you all before but this week we enhanced it just a bit. I found some sparkly foam letters at Walmart and had EK stick them on each stick while I wrote out an ABC letter line. The first activitiy I had her do is just matching the letters (I have lower case letters on the opposite of letter line. Then I took out the white board and we built words- I said the word, she sounded it, and I wrote on the board. Then she found the letter sticks and placed them order to build the word. It was a very fun game. And the last pic shows a really cool letter writing game called Scribble and Write I bought her that allows her to practice writing each of the letters.

Picnik collage

I just had another idea pop in my head. Stick the letters on clothes pins and have you child squeeze them onto the letter line. They could pin them onto something else to build words.



  1. Great idea! You'll have to remind me of all these ideas in a couple years! :>)

  2. Wonder if you could put a little magnet on the back of each so she could stick them to a white board (some are magnetic) or the frig or dishwasher...

  3. Thanks for the ideas! Jeff is trying his best to "homeschool preschool" Aiden. And it is hard for me not to be the one home to do it. I like to be able to share your ideas with him.