Monday, August 24, 2009

Writing Workshop

I read EK a book (actually many books) each day for school. We talk about the author and illustrator so today we talked about how she could be an author and illustrator too. You should have seen her eyes- a little surprised and a little excited.

We had a talk about how to get an idea and made a list of possible story ideas. She decided on horses. She is a little apprehensive trying new things so in order to make her feel as secure as possible, I wrote a story right beside her. We drew our illustration first. I gave her a mini horse drawing lesson and her comment about her horse was, "My horse is kind of puffy." We both laughed and added color. I asked her what else her story needed- words she said.

I asked her what she wanted to write and she said, "Horses". I probed her a little and suggested we use two words off her word wall. I drew magic lines (one word per line until she learns spacing) and we wrote one word at a time. The words I and like are spelled correctly because she can read them and horses is phonetically spelled because she sounded it out. I thought she did a great job!!!
She read it to me and we celebrated her writing by hanging it on the 'Story Line"- fishing line hanging near the ceiling.
Can't wait to see what she writes tomorrow!!!



  1. Sounds like she's staying busy and learning a lot!

  2. great job! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!!!!
    My girl is SO BUSY, I need lots of ideas!

  3. So cute Shay. I must tell you that I'm stealing lots of your ideas. Sewing and otherwise. I'm not creative enough to come up with my own ideas so I just steal other people's work and re-create them (like my bookshelf in Grace's new room, pictures to come) Please pray for TA soon! :) Ellen

  4. I love it! You are still mentoring other teachers! Audrey told me after dinner tonight that she wished she was homeschooled. It made me a little sad. She's having a hard start. You remember what a jump first grade is-and she has a male teacher. I love all the things you and EK are doing!

  5. Did you post about the story line? How did you make yours? What a fabulous idea!! Email me some more details about this story line!!