Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Been a While

I guess I have taken a little break from blogging. Hope that was ok- really nothing to blog until now. Today is a big day for our family- especially Rosie!!! She is 14 today! Big surprises are on the way for her!!! Pics later! She was beautiful when she left for school this morning. We all tease her about being the 'Barbie' of the family. Perfect figure, perfect outfits, perfect makeup, perfect grades (she takes it like a champ)... we are praying she has the best day ever.


The day she was born was one of the sweetest in my life. We left two precious daughters at home while we went to the hospital to expereince the miracle of our third. We knew she was a girl and had already picked out her first name. We didn't have her middle name until she was in my arms. I sat there looking at that precious baby face and said, "Grace, because God 'graced' us with her on Sunday" and that became her middle name. I am so blessed to be her mom and she has blessed our family so very much!!!

The other news to share is school. School for the big girls is going very well. Savannah heads that way Saturday- moving in and enjoying a day with her sorority sisters. School for EK is going well too. Because she is 4, I am just figuring it out as we go- taking cues from her of what to teach. She started knowing all her sounds and reading short words on her own. So we are working on sight words, writing words, numbers and addition, fine motor, music and art. We begin each morning with calendar and lots of singing. This week we began working on color words and made a cute book called I Can...- we cut out magazine pics and wrote words to go along with them... I can smile, I can play, I can jump- she reads the whole thing very proud. We have discovered Mondays are not so great for school. Still recovering from the weekend and missing her dad and sisters. I guess we better get busy! Have a great day!!!





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  1. Happy Birthday, Rosie - what a beautiful girl! Glad to hear school is going so well! I still am in love (read: coveting) your classroom for EK!