Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Illustrator

When I taught school, I had drawing cards that had step-by-step directions out at the tables in the morning for my kids. They drew on white paper and then wrote the word, a sentence, or a story about what their drawing. The main objective was to increase their security and ability to draw things on their own. When we sat down to write and draw at Writing Workshop, the kids had a foundation they could build from and felt confident to get started. I am STILL looking through all my stuff to find them for EK but in the meantime, I found these GREAT books at Amazon to help her.


This was the page she chose to draw today.

Here is EK's unicorn after following the steps to draw.

We added the words so it can be hung on our story line. I think she is going to love these new books and gain the confidence she needs to be an independent writer and illustrator. Check them out!



  1. Once a teacher always a teacher!!!

    Great drawing EK!


  2. LOVE it. Love the suggestions - keep 'em coming!! Right now, it is about all we can handle to get Mya to sit still in a shopping cart - but soon!!