Tuesday, August 18, 2009

EK @ School

EK and I are working (playing) hard at school each day. Today we mixed art, science, math, reading, and free play all into one lesson. We have been learning about color words the past couple of weeks. Each day we take a color- dot paint the word and then cut and glue pics from a magazine that are that color.

We have done the primary colors so today I decided to throw a little science in the mix. I wonder if you have seen these cool paint brushes that have tempra paint in them.
IMG_0693 (2)

We painted a circle of each primary and put a little squirt of each out to the side.
IMG_0679 (2)

I gave EK a Qtip and she swirled the colors to create the secondary colors- oh what magic- she was amazed!!! We of course guessed what we thought would happen and then tried it.
IMG_0685 (2)

From the swirling, we painted a rainbow and talked about rainbow color order.
IMG_0689 (2)

I then had her spell her name to me while I wrote it and she used a pattern of the three primary colors to paint her name.
IMG_0694 (2)

Once she had the paint thing down, I gave her the freedom to free paint in her big coloring book- oh joy- she loved it!!!
IMG_0702 (2)

We finished the day by reading the wonderful classic Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh !!!



  1. Oh, I love painting!! I love preschoolers!

    How fun :) Making me jealous, you know!

  2. sounds fun:)
    I just purchased some dot paint at live and learn on line last night. I am anxious for it to arrive.

  3. Aiden has just reached that preschool age and I love it! He is "homeschooling" according to Audrey, with Daddy.

  4. Looks like she is doing really well..
    LOVE those paint brushes..
    Have a great week.

  5. She did such a great job! And orange is the perfect Clemson color! :) Great idea....we'll have to try it.