Sunday, July 5, 2009

Clemson Tennis Camp

Mill left for tennis camp last Sunday and had the best of weeks too. She got up each day at 6 to run before breakfast and played tennis from 8-5 with some relaxing activities in the evenings. Scott and I went over Thursday for the awards ceremony. We were so proud when they announced the Spark Plug Award: given to one camper from 64 with a great attitude, always smiling, and completely dedicated to what she was doing. The director said the person receiving this camp's award had the prettiest smile he had ever seen in his whole life. It was Mill!!! We were so excited for her!!! She learned a lot and can't wait to try out her new skills this week at HS tennis practice. EK LOVED the Tiger- really couldn't believe she wasn't scared. So glad she is home too!!!

Picnik collage


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  1. Great Job Mill..
    LOVE the photos..
    Looks like a Great time..
    Love her pretty smile..
    Have a great week..