Sunday, June 7, 2009

Date Night

Scott and I had a fabulous date. We took our boat out on the lake to a wonderful restaurant for dinner. Would you believe we saw Lynn and her family out on the water??? That was a great surprise. I think the sweetest part was riding home under a full moon right into our dock. The girls were happy to see us and we ended the evening with a movie and coffee. I love you honey!

I took pics with my phone- this is one I took of us with my arm stretched out.

Scott let me drive for a little while- I was wrapped in a towel because I was cold.

Lynn, Blake, and family: On their boat- they were camping at the Sail Club.




  1. That was SO fun running into y'all on the water! I'm still amazed at the timing.
    You looked so pretty!! I was telling Blake how romantic it must have been to get in your boat in your back yard and ride to a restaurant for a date!


  2. Fun! You may have had your hair like that for awhile, but it looks so cute cut like that. I don't get to Wanda as much anymore since I've gone dark (haha), but it is fun when I do!

  3. It looks and sounds like it was a great date. We do need to make plans to get together this summer. I'll email you soon to we can put it on our calendars!!


  4. What a fun date night! I need another one soon with my hubby!